Provisional Psychologist (QLD)

Camille is a seasoned service delivery manager in providing high-quality services that aim to improve mental health and wellbeing at work in a genuine and real way.

With a background in human resources and operational leadership, Camille has provided support to private and public sector organisations in developing and delivering a wide range of workplace programs. Specifically, Camille has extensive experience in facilitation and design of learning programs to address core competencies that relate to an individual's wellbeing in the workplace—including resilience, change management, general wellbeing, mental health, vicarious trauma, and leadership.

Camille is particularly passionate about making a difference by understanding the organisation's specific needs in their journey in creating healthy places to work, and ensuring services are meeting their needs. Additionally, as an ambassador for lived experience of mental health, Camille has represented NSW Government and advocacy boards in bringing about targeted support systems for individuals, which she translates into her work with clients.

Academically, Camille has a Bachelor of Science majoring in psychology (UNSW), and is currently completing both a Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced (Monash University) as well as a Graduate Diploma of Brain and Mind Sciences (Brain and Mind Centre, USYD). Camille's current 4th year thesis is focusing on parental burnout, and will be pursuing registration as a psychologist.