Co-Founder / Co-Director / Organisational Psychologist (VIC)

Dr Sarah Cotton is a registered and endorsed organisational psychologist, and Co-Director of Transitioning Well. With a PhD in the area of work-stress and a specialisation in work-life wellbeing, Sarah is motivated to help individuals and organisations navigate the challenges of modern work. Having completed further training in the areas of political psychology, crisis management and Participatory Action Research (PAR), Sarah also draws upon over 20 years of coaching, training, and consulting across the university, corporate and not for profit sectors.

Recognising the impact that the work-life interface can have on our mental health and wellbeing, Sarah co-founded Transitioning Well in 2011.

“As two psychologists and working parents ourselves, Justine and I identified a need to proactively support work-life wellbeing - those moments of truth when we’re challenged both personally and professionally to find our ‘new normal’.”

With an encompassing and warm approach, Sarah is committed to meeting unique organisational challenges utilising practical and best-practice strategies. Having published and presented widely, Sarah’s research experience also strengthens her profile as she supports employers to cultivate change, and foster wellbeing within the workplace.