Psychologist (VIC)

Tammy is a registered psychologist who is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential. As a committed practitioner of yoga and meditation, wellbeing practices are core to her identity.

Tammy was drawn to the area of occupational health psychology and began to focus on this area long before wellbeing became a key focus for organisations.

She brings a solid clinical foundation in mental health and wellbeing in both private practice and within ASX, blue-chips and SMEs across multiple sectors including banking and finance, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, FMCG, mining and government. Tammy’s experience has centred on bespoke mental health and wellbeing programs, supporting people through critical incidents and supervision within organisations.

Tammy is passionate about providing a truly proactive approach to wellbeing to enable people to build meaning and purpose into their lives at home and work. She cares deeply about the mental health and wellbeing of people and has centred her career on helping people flourish in their career and personal lives.

Balancing work and raising two children, she has experienced the professional and personal juggle involved and is aware of the need to Transition Well between these spaces.