Head of Commercial & Operations

Mark Leopold is a collaborative, positive leader focussed on stakeholder engagement and business development. He is a passionate advocate for better mental health. Mark helps organisations to be more effective by building productive relationships across business, government, NGO’s and the community. He connects clients with the right services to meet their needs and works with a diverse array of people to deliver workplace programs that:

  • Promote the benefits of good work.
  • Manage risks.
  • Respond to and support people in need.

With leadership experience across a broad range of companies, including leadership roles at Beyond Blue and SuperFriend, Mark understands that effective, visible action on mental health and wellbeing improves organisational performance.

Mark has been fortunate to work on workplace mental health initiatives with major commercial organisations and government agencies across Australia. He actively advocates for better mental health and wellbeing and has presented at over 100 events including numerous keynote addresses at national conferences.

Being aware of his own triggers, signs, and symptoms, helps Mark adapt to life’s demands. Openly sharing his experience and the sometimes messy intersections of life and work, helps others to achieve their best possible mental health.