What we do

Managing the messy intersection between life and work

We do this with a focus on supporting people through key transition points, those ‘moments of truth’ that have the potential to derail, but also provide opportunities for significant personal and organisational growth.

In doing this we help people to develop enduring skills that protect mental health and wellbeing, which enables them to better adjust to ongoing changes and challenges.

Real world solutions


Our tactics and support strategies are co-designed to meet your needs.

Taking a holistic and evidence-based approach, we create real-world solutions to ensure your business is on the front foot when it comes to supporting your team.

Our practitioner-led work with leaders also ensures that best practice is translated into action, giving people the confidence and capability to support their teams to live and work well.

How we do it

It’s not just what we do, but how we do it that sets Transitioning Well apart

Our solutions are:

  • Practitioner-led
  • Co-designed to organisational needs
  • Evidence-based
  • Structured and systematic
  • Informed by extensive experience
  • Professional but compassionate
Providing support to employees is crucial to their wellbeing. AHRI and the Wellbeing Lab have recently found that amongst a range of wellbeing initiatives it has been wellbeing coaching and wellbeing workshops that have made the most significant difference in helping people to thrive and live well.


Why we do it

We strive to improve employees’ lives and performance

We improve employees’ lives and performance by ensuring their mental health and wellbeing are protected in their busy working lives – particularly during times of transition. As a result, individuals can feel better supported and able to manage potentially disruptive change with greater confidence and hope.

For organisations, we want to arm leaders with the knowledge, strategies and skills to build positive and flexible workplace cultures, and the ability to support their employees to better adjust to whatever changes and challenges they face.

Let’s help your team to better manage the messy intersections between life and work.