Senior Consultant – Clinical & Counselling Psychologist (VIC)

Jill is a registered clinical and counselling psychologist with specialisations in trauma, life transitions and policy/governance work. With broad experience as a trainer, manager, therapist and mentor in various settings (health, university, not-for-profit, public sector and private practice), Jill has worked as a consultant/trainer with Beyond Blue in the areas of workplace mental health and community recovery after natural disasters.

Committed to helping others understand the links between work, health and wellbeing, Jill recognises that stressors that arise from natural disasters, pandemics, and our fast-paced lifestyles impact our health and relationships across all areas of our life, including our work. Jill takes a wholistic and integrated approach to consulting with individuals and organisations.

Jill’s interest in the area of work and identity has led to mentoring and supervising health professionals with a focus on proactively following our dreams, prioritising self-care and healthy relationships, and creating a satisfying work-life balance.

Jill understands the importance of transformational moments in life, and living consistently with our values. This has led her to focus on coaching people making major career transitions, such as retiring. A strategic, big-picture thinker, Jill enjoys working with Boards to encourage visionary leadership, ethical decision-making, and policies that are focused on the public good.