Consultant Psychologist (QLD)

Afrouz Shoghi is a registered Organisational Psychologist, currently completing her PhD on the positive perspectives of workforce participation of women with children in their early years. Afrouz has a passion for supporting systems and organisations to optimise their performance in enabling improved health and wellbeing outcomes for families and communities.

Afrouz has over 15 years’ experience working across government and non-government organisations in Australia and in the UK, across health services, education sectors and community organisations. As such, Afrouz has worked in a wide range of organisational settings and has worked with a diverse range of leaders, practitioners, and community members.

Using the principles of Positive Psychology and Organisational Psychology, Afrouz is a skilled and warm facilitator and coach who understands the humanistic element of people development as well as the strategic elements in optimising organisational and workplace performance and outcomes.

Originally from Melbourne, Victoria, Afrouz has now resided in Queensland for the past 10 years and has worked for large scale government agencies such as Queensland Department of Education and Queensland Health and most recently with a not-for-profit initiative aimed at providing a state-wide and systemic response to breaking the cycle of disadvantage for Queensland children, families, and communities through workforce development and community support.

As a change leader, trainer, facilitator, and coach, Afrouz is recognised as a warm and genuine practitioner that can draw sincere insights and reflection from a wide range of stakeholders to create synergy and collectiveness in enabling growth and development in people and places. 

Afrouz is a lifelong learner, and is passionate about bridging together support for parents, women, and children in a holistic and integrative way with work and community. As a mother to two young daughters, Afrouz is particularly passionate about providing evidence-based support to new mothers who are transitioning and managing their roles as parent and worker. With a growth mindset, Afrouz is continually exploring new approaches and strategies to best support modern families in the workplace and is continually considering innovative ways to best support this in modern society.