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Our specialised offering has been designed for organisations who want to support their employees at a time when more care is needed. Delivered by our national team of psychologists, our specialised areas of support provide next-level care on complex emerging topics for Australian workplaces. With a strong focus on mental health and wellbeing, and grounded in evidence-based practices, this suite of training is designed to help people live and work well.


Our suite of neurodivergent learning and coaching is designed to upskill employees to understand all brains are different and all brains are welcome at work. Developed to support leaders and neurodivergent employees, our neurodivergent education sessions and coaching are delivered by highly skilled neurodivergent-affirming (i.e. educated, respectful and friendly!) registered psychologists and coaches. 

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Family and Domestic Violence

Our suite of family and domestic violence response training is designed to help employees understand how family and domestic violence (FDV) can present in the workplace context, and equip them with the skills they need to respond to individuals who are experiencing FDV. 

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Pregnancy Loss Support

The unexpected nature of pregnancy loss can leave parents and workplaces unprepared for the difficult journey ahead. Our three-tiered module is conducted 1:1 by registered psychologists specialising in pregnancy loss. Recommendations regarding the form of delivery will be made by the Transitioning Well psychologist, depending on circumstances.

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Fertility Support

Fertility can be a long and trying journey. Over time, the stress and mental toll can start to have huge impacts on those going through the process. For workplaces, your support at this time is crucial, and knowing how to support your people at this time can be really difficult. The delivery of this 1:1 program with support from one of our qualified psychologists is customised according to the needs of your organisation and your employees.

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Delivered by our workplace and trauma experts, our suite of trauma-informed practice workshops is training are designed to equip your team with the skills and techniques they need to create a safe and supportive workplace. 

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SME Support

As an SME ourselves, we are all too familiar with the stressors that come with being small, fast and agile. That's why we're so proud to provide a range of free and paid tools and services to support SMEs across Australia.  

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Involuntary job loss is associated with decreased psychological and physical wellbeing, loss of social connections and changes to routines, a sense of purpose and self-worth (see Redundancy and Career Change). Employers can play a huge role in supporting their people through this transition, not only for the benefit of the affected employee, but also in the form of decreased turnover and less absenteeism from remaining staff. Contact us to discuss interventions and support strategies tailored and customised to your specific needs. 

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