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Together with advances in science, technology and COVID-19, the world has changed forever. Graduates entering the workforce are stepping into a very different environment from previous entrants.

Now more than ever, leaders are called upon to support their graduates in a way that sustains wellbeing and allows them to view their careers through a long-term lens, and that’s where we step in!

Graduate Transition Modules

Don’t have any existing program? Our Graduate Transition Modules can be an easy way to start your graduate program and are a great way to help your graduates enter your workforce.

Already have a program? We often find that clients with an existing graduate program complement their offering with our modules to help build core transition skills so their young workers are better equipped to manage change and transition throughout their lives. 

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We know that managing transitions is the new core workplace skill. Our three graduate modules provide your graduates with an opportunity to learn techniques that they can apply to the transition from university to working life and beyond.

We can help your early career employees:

  1. BEGIN - Develop an understanding of their transition into the workforce
  2. PAUSE - Build the skills for career adaptability
  3. REFLECT - Build routines and habits to set up lasting and successful careers.

With a sharp increase in mental health assistance requests, it is imperative that workplaces implement proactive mental health and wellbeing initiatives that build capability and sustainability.

Leader Modules for the Graduate Transition

Leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the graduate experience, particularly as young professionals integrate into teams navigating unprecedented workplace changes. Their influence is key in shaping the overall workplace atmosphere and fostering a sense of belonging among early career employees.

Amidst opportunities for growth, development, and innovation, there is a parallel demand for personalised support and guidance to help individuals acclimate to the evolving ‘new normal’ of working life.

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Delivered as bite-sized video learning, our five self-paced leader modules provide leaders with the foundations they need to best support early career wellbeing, and include:

  1. Understanding generational perspectives
  2. Facilitating a 'Graduate Immunity'* phase
  3. Cultivating psychological safety
  4. Mitigating psychosocial hazards in early career
  5. Encouraging supportive pathways.

The ‘Graduate Immunity’ phase is the time given for graduates to acclimate to a new role, whether immediately upon entry or in subsequent rotations. Our research indicates that effectively onboarding graduates during this phase offers a protective shield against identified risks, promoting a successful transition.

Early in Career Wellbeing White Paper 

Young people are changing the way we work. 

While competitive salaries remain important to this cohort, young workers today value work environments that align with their personal values and provide a sense of purpose. They seek out companies that prioritise diversity, inclusion, social responsibility and sustainability in deeply meaningful ways. Professional development and continuous learning opportunities are key, as is a positive and supportive company culture. 

Embracing the diverse perspectives and priorities of graduates and young workers may seem like navigating uncharted territory, but by fostering an inclusive and adaptable workplace culture, we can harness the unique strengths and innovation that this generation brings to the table.

We share the latest research, alongside practical approaches, laying the foundation for young workers to develop sustainable careers aligned with organisational goals for retention and performance.

Download the white paper for practical insights to guide your organisation in fostering a healthy workplace culture that supports the wellbeing of early career professionals.

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Career Transition Series

Many of us will experience career transitions in our lifetime - whether it is having a baby or a career change, managing a personal crisis, or retiring from the workforce altogether. As an employer or manager, it can be hard to know how best to support someone during these times of career transition.


The Career Transition Series provides workplaces with research-led and practical approaches. Itshares the stories of organisations supporting their people through eight key transitions, highlights what has worked and relays lessons for others.

Young people provide significant value to the workplace but can be vulnerable to a range of mental health and wellbeing challenges.

Positive early experiences at work can be a protective factor to help develop resilience and the ability to adapt to challenges at work and improve longer-term mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

Developed in partnership with National Mental Health Commission, the series was produced through the National Workplace Initiative after research and consultation highlighted the need for guidance on supporting career transitions.


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Team Dynamics Training (PsyCap)

Empower your leaders to best support graduates as they transition to the workforce with team dynamics training. 

Together, you can unpack the challenges that present in this new time of transition, and build positive thinking patterns that can challenge and replace deep-seated assumptions and beliefs, and ultimately build team cohesion to ensure sustainable practices across this important life-work transition.

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