Challenges in team communication, collaboration and wellbeing are present in every workplace.

Psychological Capital (PsyCap) training promotes positive thinking patterns that can challenge and replace deep-seated assumptions and beliefs over time. In team workshops, everyone uses the same team goal as a focal point for the training. Research has shown that PsyCap training, both at the individual employee and team level, can promote job performance and psychological wellbeing.

The Opportunity 

Transitioning Well partnered with the Australian Department of Defence to implement Team Dynamics training to enhance PsyCap on six workplace teams going through significant change.

The goal was to improve team performance, wellbeing, and foster a shared belief in the team's ability to succeed.  The training program employed a pre-test, post-test design with a follow-up booster session to celebrate the team's early wins and troubleshoot identified challenges to ensure momentum as the team practices their new skills.   

The sessions covered: 

  • The concept of PsyCap and its benefits for teams and individual team members. 
  • Exercises to identify team strengths and weaknesses 
  • Building PsyCap using the evidence-based strategy of H.E.R.O (Hope, Optimism, Resilience, and Efficacy) within the team. 
  • Techniques for effective communication and collaboration. 

Teaching team PsyCap to teams equips people with a toolbox for work challenges.  It provides them with the psychological resources – hope, optimism, resilience, and efficacy – to navigate difficult situations, find creative solutions, and ultimately be successful. Instead of relying on external support every time a hurdle arises, they'll have the internal resources to persevere and thrive on their own.  

“The training was incredibly beneficial, especially at a time when resources were stretched. It provided staff an opportunity to think about how they could positively approach our challenges and implement tangible benefits for themselves and broader teams. It provided staff a pathway to put forward ideas, that they, historically thought management wouldn't approve, trial or implement. This challenged their beliefs on what support management would provide, and assisted to build trust."

Melissa Wainwright, Australian Department of Defence


  • Pre- and post-training surveys were conducted to assess changes in individual and team PsyCap scores.

Team workshops include:

  • Pre-workshop briefing and goal setting guidance with Team Leader or Manager (15 mins)
  • Workshop (3.5 hours) Booster session (60 mins)
  • Post-workshop evaluation report


  • Initial Workshop (Virtual/Face-to-Face): 
  • Introduction to PsyCap (Hope, Optimism, Resilience, and Efficacy and its benefits for teams. 
  • Team-building exercises to identify strengths, weaknesses, and communication styles. 
  • Strategies to build Hope, Optimism, Resilience, and Efficacy within the team. 
  • Techniques for effective communication and collaboration. 

Follow-Up Booster Session (Virtual): 

  • Review of key concepts from the initial workshop. 
  • Opportunity for teams to discuss progress and challenges in applying learned strategies. 
  • Development of action plans to further enhance team dynamics. 
"Working with the Transitioning Well team was an easy and enjoyable process. They listened to our needs, provided great insights and suggestions how we could achieve our goals. The end product was an excellent training course that all our staff enjoyed participating in. We still have people talk about it today."

Melissa Wainwright, Australian Department of Defence


Team Dynamics Training Boosts Team Morale 

  • PsyCap scores increased on average across participating teams. With participants reporting a positive impact on team morale, optimism, and overall wellbeing. 
  • Workshop satisfaction was consistently high following both the initial face-to-face session and the virtual booster session. Positive participant feedback reinforces the program's effectiveness in fostering positive team dynamics. 

Quantitative Findings: 

✔️ All teams showed an increase in PsyCap scores following the training program. 

✔️ Teams with the lowest initial scores showed the most significant improvement. 

Qualitative Findings: 

✔️ The training sessions fostered a sense of team cohesion and collaboration with team members appreciating the opportunity to come together to identify areas for improvement.  

✔️ Qualitative feedback from team leaders and team members reflected consistently high satisfaction with the training, highlighting the engaging facilitation, team discussions, and practical takeaways. 

"This course directly improved our culture and enabled staff to feel heard and approach challenges in a more positive mindset. The training was so impactful that we have asked for refresher and train the trainer sessions, so that we can continue with regular sessions within our teams. Continuing to build positive PsyCap and resilience.”

Melissa Wainwright, Department of Defence

How can we help you? 

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