What we do: Workshops and webinars

Our toolbox series consists of seven transition tools that showcase evidence-based information from transition theory, wellbeing science, organisational psychology and positive psychology.

The modern world was a complex place even before the significant disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have more demands on our attention and time than ever before in human history. To complicate matters, people in modern societies also tend to override the need for rest and recuperation.

The series is designed to support individuals and teams to better manage stress, create opportunities for recovery, and help prepare for future transitions with a more complete view of wellness.

The wellness toolbox series: One hour interactive sessions

Session 1: Getting out of autopilot
Grounding techniques for daily life

Grounding exercises that remind us how to take a few minutes, get out of our heads and get back into the day.

Session 2: When switching off is the goal
How to relax and detach from work

The top five relaxation strategies from the research, with practice in breathwork and progressive muscle relaxation.

Session 3: Calm that Monkey Mind
Everyday mindfulness introduction and practice

The science of mindfulness and several short exercises to see what style suits you best.

Session 4: Being nicer to ourselves
Self-compassion for work and home

We’ll discuss why we’re designed to be kind and practice giving ourselves a ‘self-compassion break’.

Session 5: What really matters?
Getting clear on our values and non-negotiables.

All the tools you need to discover what’s really important right now and get moving in that direction.

Session 6: Attitude of gratitude
The science of gratitude and connection.

Practical exercises to help us hunt the good stuff in everyday life.

Session 7: Circle of Influence
Focusing our actions and energy on what we can control.

Using models to guide us, we discuss concrete ways to focus on action and performance while acknowledging the things we need to let go.

Find out how our Transition Toolbox Series can support your managers and team members through transitions.