What we do: Workshops and webinars

Our retirement workshops and webinars are evidence-based and facilitated by leading workplace psychologists.

Consisting of five hours of individual coaching and the option of a facilitated meeting between the employee and their manager, the program provides the tools and resources proven to maximise transition success.

In line with best practice, the engagement spans the three phases of retirement.

Managing an ageing workforce

People are living longer, healthier lives, which inevitably means that people want to—and need to—work for longer. Combined with labour shortages issues and the proven benefits of age diversity, it is a workplace necessity to proactively support the wellbeing and engagement of older workers.

While many businesses are starting to recognise the impacts and risks, few appear to have done anything strategic in response and many have no programs in place to address the risks and opportunities.

Upskill your managers

People’s managers play an important role in supporting people to identify their late career goals and navigate their transition to retirement. This series of training modules raises awareness amongst managers and contributes to an organisational culture that values age diversity.

The e-learning complements the facilitator-led core modules. The core modules are supplemented by on ‘online role plays’ that managers can access following the training. These role plays allow managers to practice difficult conversations in private, and experience how different scenarios may playout.


  • Introducing ageing workforce: Why it matters
  • Capacity to work: Considerations

Core Modules

  • Recruitment: Talent and age-diversity
  • Capacity to work: Compliance
  • Capacity to work: Conversations
  • Flexible working: Obligations and opportunities
  • Late-career: When retirement is a few years away
  • Mental health: Conversations with older workers
  • Retirement: Planning the transition

WorkSafe Vic

Retirement by design: Late career to retirement seminars

Prepare employees

Late career is the life-stage from around 50 years where people set goals and make decisions that influence their personal, social, economic and employment situation in preparation for retirement. It is an important stage of life as we make work-related choices that carry us through to a fulfilling retirement.

  • Retirement Reset: Taking stock of late-career and retirement through the ongoing lens of COVID-19.
  • Retiring Well: Assist people to take a planned approach to their wellbeing in retirement.
  • Late Career Navigation: Taking stock in mid-life to make pivotal decisions about late career and retirement.

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