What we do: Transition coaching

Restructures and redundancies may be an inevitable part of business life, but they can often prove distressing for the individual.

This coaching goes to the heart of change by supporting the internal transition and arms managers with actionable tips on how to have these difficult conversations in a sensitive and caring way—including how they can best support themselves through these unsettling times.

Whether it’s due to redundancies or restructuring, it’s not easy to manage during a time of transition and confidently support a team through the resulting uncertainty and change.

As a national team of registered psychologists, our interventions and support strategies are tailored and customised to your specific needs. Through our evidence-based webinars and consulting sessions, leaders will develop the confidence and capability to lead and support their teams during this transition.

The need now, is to find a practical way forward beyond the rhetoric.

Find out more about how we can support your team through times of change.