What we do

Our national team of psychologists offer a broad range of evidence-based transition coaching that caters to both managers and team members.

These services range from one-on-one sessions to group coaching depending on your specific needs.

Parental leave

This coaching can help to facilitate the transition from 'working person' to 'working parent'. Built around the key transition points, our program can be tailored to your organisation, with the option of an additional leader and/or couple’s navigation session.


Menopause transition coaching

Our Menopause Transition Coaching Program is an evidence-based program, designed and facilitated by workplace psychologists. We tailor five hours of individual coaching around the unique needs of the individual, wherever they are in their journey, be it peri-menopause, in menopause or post menopause.


Late career and retirement

This program supports the transition from work to retirement and is ideal for those approaching that life stage as well as those finding it hard to set a retirement date. It coaches individuals through the three phases of retirement—preparing for retirement, leaving work, and adjusting to retirement.


Leadership life-work

The responsibility of leadership can be a heavy burden with managers at a higher risk of experiencing burnout, depression and mental health disorders. Transitioning Well are accredited practitioners of the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) and can arm your leaders with the tools to increase their personal wellbeing and better navigate the intersection between their personal and working lives. By helping your leaders to look after themselves this initiative will improve their performance levels and those of their teams.


Managing change

Restructures and redundancies may be an inevitable part of business life, but they can often prove distressing for the individual. This coaching goes to the heart of change by supporting the internal transition and arms managers with actionable tips on how to have these difficult conversations in a sensitive and caring way—including how they can best support themselves through these unsettling times.


Pregnancy loss

Losing a baby is a devastating experience that can have lasting repercussions. Transitioning Well can provide specialised psychological support to help people to work through this difficult time at the individual, manager or team level.


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