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The Parental Leave Transition Coaching Program is evidence based, and designed and facilitated by leading workplace psychologists.

Consisting of individual coaching and facilitated meetings between the new parent and their manager (as appropriate), the tailored program provides the tools and resources needed to maximise transition success.

In line with best practice, the engagement spans two phases of leave (preparing for leave and returning from leave) and is aimed towards expectant and new parents (including non-birth parents). It can also be offered to those returning to work only.

As an important adjunct to the practitioner led coaching, access to our digital offering ‘The Transition Well’ is also provided. This platform is a ‘one stop shop’ for working parents, and includes practical checklists, resources, videos, safe work assessments, and full access to Nourish Baby.

‘The Transition Well’ platform provides tailored online support for working parents and their managers including:

  • ‘Just in time’ resources and tools driven by the expectant/new parent’s unique dates (i.e. videos, checklists and articles).
  • Access to iCOPE’s Emotional Health Screening through our partnership with the Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) .
  • Access to the Nourish Baby Program (modules covering pregnancy and post birth care) recently acknowledged as a finalist at the Australia College of Midwives Education Awards.
  • Complimentary customisation for your organisation including branding, internal policies and EAP details, making them readily accessible in a working parent ‘one stop shop’.

Workshops to Support the Transition to Parent

Preparing for Parental Leave

This 1 to 1.5-hour session is delivered by an experienced psychologist to provide a ‘heads up’ and some practical strategies as you enter this exciting time.

Returning from Parental Leave

This 1 to 1.5-hour session is delivered by an experienced psychologist to help you plan for a successful and sustainable return.

Supporting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Working Parents (for leaders and HR managers)

We offer a range of services for both leaders and HR managers to support their staff as they transition to life as a working parent, as well as robust services tailored to support working parents themselves.

Supporting the Transition to Parenthood: Legal Obligations and Best Practice across the Parental Leave Transition (for leaders and HR managers)

In this 1.5-hour session, we have boiled things down to the essential legal requirements and best practice strategies to help you support your people during the transition from working person to working parent.

Caring for the Carer: Supporting Self in the Carer Role

In this one-hour session we focus on the caring roles within the employee life cycle and how individuals can navigate the juggling role of caring for someone while working.


Fertility support

The path to parenthood isn’t always a smooth one. Some may experience a smooth ride to parenthood, while others may have to navigate rough terrain, and overcome enormous obstacles. Sadly, some may never reach their destination.

Fertility can be a long and trying journey. Over time, the stress and mental toll can start to have huge impacts on those going through the process.  

For workplaces, your support at this time is crucial, and knowing how to support your people at this time can be really difficult.  

Our team of registered psychologists are here to help navigate this transition. We can offer a tailored approach to help best support employees at this time, through dedicated one-on-one sessions, and team leader support.  

Contact us to discuss a tailored solution today.  

Pregnancy loss support

The unexpected nature of pregnancy loss can leave parents and workplaces unprepared for the difficult journey ahead.

In turn, the stress incurred can result in physical, psychological and financial costs. This places an importance on how the workplace understands, responds and supports employees who have suffered this experience.

All our sessions whether virtual, over the phone or face-to-face are conducted by registered psychologists specialising in pregnancy loss. Recommendations regarding the form of delivery will be made by the Transitioning Well psychologist, depending on the circumstances.

Tailored support to be discussed case-by-case but will be guided by the following 3-tiered model approach:

For small business: The Parent Well

One in five mothers and one in ten fathers experience perinatal depression and/or anxiety.

A collaboration between Transitioning Well and the Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE), the Parent Well is a free program designed to support and make a difference to the mental health and wellbeing of new and expectant parents in Australian small businesses.

The program aims to help small businesses create a working environment that positively impacts the mental health and wellbeing of small business owners and employees in the perinatal period through a customised digital program of resources to guide both employers and employees through the transition from working person to working parent. This program is funded by the Department of Health and Aged Care. 

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Career Transition Series

Many of us will experience career transitions in our lifetime - whether it is having a baby or a career change, managing a personal crisis, or retiring from the workforce altogether. As an employer or manager, it can be hard to know how best to support someone during these times of career transition.

The Career Transition Series provides workplaces with research-led and practical approaches. It shares the stories of organisations supporting their people through eight key transitions, highlights what has worked and relays lessons for others.

The transitions that parents and carers must navigate represent some of the most significant moments in their working life. Changes associated with these transitions require huge shifts emotionally and mentally. Supporting parents and carers to consciously navigate the caring journey can provide them with strategies that will support them through future transitions, helping them to manage the intersection between life and work over their entire working lives.

Developed in partnership with National Mental Health Commission, the series was produced through the National Workplace Initiative after research and consultation highlighted the need for guidance on supporting career transitions.

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Team Dynamics Training (PsyCap)

Empower your leaders to best support people through the transition from working person to working parent with team dynamics training. 

Together, you can unpack the challenges that present in this life-changing time of transition, and build positive thinking patterns that can challenge and replace deep-seated assumptions and beliefs, and ultimately build team cohesion to ensure sustainable practices across this important life-work transition.

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