Dr Kathryn Page, Organisational Psychologist (VIC)

Dr Kathryn Page is an authentic and values-led thought leader and advocate for workplace mental health.

She has a diverse experience base that includes consulting, executive coaching, leadership development, senior leadership and research. She is particularly energised about developing leaders, women and members of underrepresented groups to get the most out of their work and life (and everything in between). She loves engaging with both small and large groups on these topics.

Kat has globally recognised expertise in leadership and systems-based approaches to wellbeing. She was a central author on the most widely accepted model of workplace mental health, known as the ‘Integrated Approach to Workplace Mental Health’.

Kat is an active writer and researcher, having authored over two dozen empirical papers and book chapters and two books on workplace well-being, stress and mental health. She regularly speaks to media on these topics including the ABC Radio National and Men’s Health.

Outside of work, Kat is a mum of two and health and wellness enthusiast.