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Whether it’s due to redundancies or restructuring, it’s not easy to manage during a time of transition and confidently support a team through the resulting uncertainty and change.

As a national team of registered psychologists, our interventions and support strategies are tailored and customised to your specific needs.

Through our evidence-based webinars and consulting sessions, leaders will develop the confidence and capability to lead and support their teams during this transition.

Team Dynamics Training (PsyCap)

Empower your leaders to best support their teams through time of change and disruption with team dynamics training. 

Together, you can unpack the challenges that present in this new time of transition, and build positive thinking patterns that can challenge and replace deep-seated assumptions and beliefs, and ultimately build team cohesion to ensure sustainable practices across this important life-work transition.

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Career Transition Series

Many of us will experience career transitions in our lifetime - whether it is having a baby or a career change, managing a personal crisis, or retiring from the workforce altogether. As an employer or manager, it can be hard to know how best to support someone during these times of career transition.


The Career Transition Series provides workplaces with research-led and practical approaches. It shares the stories of organisations supporting their people through eight key transitions, highlights what has worked and relays lessons for others.

Career changes can arise due to involuntary job loss like redundancies or workplace changes or self-directed changes. Those who have career change forced upon them, due to their role being made redundant, can often feel a loss of control and struggle to re-engage in new career pathways without career advice and support to guide them.

The Redundancy and Career Change transition guide provides valuable guidance for employers supporting people through this transition.

Developed in partnership with National Mental Health Commission, the series was produced through the National Workplace Initiative after research and consultation highlighted the need for guidance on supporting career transitions.

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