The benefits of parental leave coaching

Seek’s Liz Fritzlaff, Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion Lead discusses how creating a tailored program supporting their staff (SEEKers) through their parental leave journey has been a game-changer. Watch our chat.

Transitioning Well is an invaluable partner to have both in knowing that you’re putting your staff into expert hands and that they are deeply caring.

Liz Fritzlaff, Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion Lead – SEEK


Transitioning Well has worked with the team at SEEK to offer parental leave coaching since 2017. In conjunction, Transitioning Well also offers coaching to leaders to help manage their teams through this significant work-life transition. 

The team at SEEK were looking for a comprehensive program complete with one-on-one sessions to support SEEKers through their parental leave journey.


We worked closely with the team at SEEK to create a tailored program, backed by science, that supports their people through the parental leave journey. We continue to adapt the program to the ever-changing needs in this space and provide external support and resources that encourage increased confidence in navigating work-life transitions. 

  • We created a tailored and bespoke service for SEEKers which gives them access to one-on-one coaching sessions throughout their parental leave journey; 
  • By working closely with leaders at SEEK, we’ve been able to create a supportive network from the top down; 
  • Couple navigation sessions; 
  • Work-life wellbeing webinars; 
  • Regular evaluation to monitor the efficacy & ROI of the program. 
At SEEK, we’re big believers in bringing your whole self to work and being authentic to who you are.

Liz Fritzlaff, Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion Lead – SEEK


Our ongoing partnership with SEEK allows for continued support to navigate the intersection where work meets life. By tailoring programs for leaders, we’ve been able to create organisational change from the top down to ensure that their people are supported throughout their entire parental leave journey. 

Through our parental leave coaching, we know that: 

✔️  100% of those involved with the program said they would likely recommend it to others.

✔️  78% felt more willing to ask for flexibility or other support from their organisation.

✔️  74% felt more confident in successfully integrating work and non-work responsibilities.

One of our leaders described that these transitions don’t flick on like a switch, it actually transitions over time. So she found that having that gradual progression and being able to have a sounding board and someone neutral to talk to, that wasn’t their leader or spouse, was a really beneficial element to the coaching services.

Liz Fritzlaff, Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion Lead - SEEK

How can we help you? 

Our national team of psychologists bring evidence-based approaches, tailored tactics, and extensive research to the table which allows us to support your people at the intersection where work meets life. To find out more about our Parental Leave Coaching click here. Or get in touch with our team.