What we do: Transition Coaching

This program supports the transition from work to retirement and is ideal for those approaching that life stage as well as those finding it hard to set a retirement date.

It coaches individuals through the three phases of retirement—preparing for retirement, leaving work, and adjusting to retirement.

The Retirement Transition Coaching Program is evidence-based and facilitated by leading workplace psychologists.

Consisting of five hours of individual coaching and the option of a facilitated meeting between the employee and their manager, the program provides the tools and resources proven to maximise transition success.

In line with best practice, the engagement spans the three phases of retirement.

Phase 1: Preparing for retirement (2 hours)

Whether people are approaching their retirement date or finding it hard to set one, we know that planning is key to wellbeing. During the first meeting, the employee will introduce the principles for transition success and create a personalised Transition Action Plan. Practical strategies to enhance wellbeing in retirement are also discussed at this time and in a follow-up meeting.

Phase 2: Leaving work (1 hour)

Designed to be completed at least two weeks before leaving work, this session is designed to help an employee finish well and make an 'after retirement' plan. You’ll work together to finalise the Transition Action Plan and continue to reflect on your hopes, fears and challenges. At the same time, you’ll implement strategies for wellbeing and start to shift your thinking towards your new role as a happy and healthy retiree.

Phase 3: Adjusting to retirement (2 hours)

These sessions revolve around helping to create and sustain wellbeing in retirement. Unfolding in two phases, the first will take place a month after retirement and assess your initial transition, celebrate early wins and identify any unexpected issues. The second will take place three to six months after your retirement and will discuss your ongoing strategies for transition success.

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