McCain Foods Limited is a privately owned, multi-national leader in the frozen food industry, manufacturing quality products including French fries, appetizers, pizzas, vegetables, desserts, and prepared meals. From just one factory in Canada, they’ve grown to become the world’s largest producer of frozen French fries. 

McCain Foods Australia & New Zealand has over 1,500 employees, five production sites, and sales presence in all major cities. 


The opportunity 

McCain is an award-winning workplace with accolades such as the Forbes 2022 World’s Best Employer and World’s Top Female Friendly Company. With programs in place for early career workers, they were looking to engage and support their older workers. With only anecdotal evidence to inform what was important to this cohort at this life stage, McCain engaged Transitioning Well to assess and provide data to help them design age-friendly practices and succession plans, implement manager training, and ensure a smoother path to retirement.



"Our goal was to do the Maturity of Practice Index (MPI) to understand and hear from our people about exactly what they wanted in the transition to retirement. Our metric was to have succession plans in place for every employee over 60, and we've been able to do that with Transitioning Well's help."

Jess Virgona, HR Programs Manager ANZ


Our analysis of ageing workforce relevant data and documentation was completed by employment lawyers, psychologists. Interviews and focus groups were conducted in March 2023 with senior executives, HR representatives, managers and employees from across all functions of McCain Foods Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). 

Comparing McCain to our evidence based baseline, a maturity rating was assigned on the MPI scale for each of the four best practice Ageing Workforce Pillars: roadmap, recruitment, retention, and retirement.


Specific recommendations based on the data gathered through document review, focus groups and interviews were evaluated and prioritised. McCain commenced their program with:

  • Manager training

  • Retirement coaching

  • Resource hub and information sessions, and

  • Leverage existing processes.

"Our training and processes wouldn't be where they are now without the support of Transitioning Well. We definitely wouldn't be doing retirement coaching, and that's where we've really found the gold. It's an important and tricky part of life to navigate and do it justice; you need external support. It's been an invaluable investment on our part."

Jess Virgona, HR Programs Manager ANZ


Our ongoing partnership with McCain allows for continued support to navigate the intersection where work meets life. By tailoring programs for leaders, we’ve been able to support the design and implementation of change from the top down to ensure that their people are supported throughout their entire late career journey. 

Through the MPI assessment, McCain now have: 

✔️  Strategic data from older workers and managers.

✔️   An understanding of their ratings against each of the key Ageing Workforce Pillars. 

✔️  A clear roadmap to implement greater change across the business.

✔️  A greater awareness of age inclusive recruitment practices. 

✔️  Mechanisms to support a smooth transition from work, for both individuals and the organisation. 

✔️ A succession plan for every worker over 60 years of age. 

Transitioning Well was able to not only provide invaluable advice and coaching for our team members, but also lift engagement by showing the business we are taking retirement and succession planning very seriously.

Jess Virgona, HR Programs Manager ANZ

How can we help you? 

Our national team of psychologists bring evidence-based approaches, tailored tactics, and extensive research to the table which allows us to support your people at the intersection where work meets life. To find out more about our retirement coaching and programs click here. Or get in touch with our team.