What we do: Graduates and early career

Building successful and sustainable careers

Leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the graduate experience, particularly as young professionals integrate into teams navigating unprecedented workplace changes. Their influence is key in shaping the overall workplace atmosphere and fostering a sense of belonging among early career employees.

Amidst opportunities for growth, development, and innovation, there is a parallel demand for personalised support and guidance to help individuals acclimate to the evolving ‘new normal’ of working life.

Leader Modules: Self-Paced Learning Delivered at Entry Point

1: Understanding generational perspectives

Consider the generational context and develop practical strategies for optimising communication and connection.

2: Facilitating a ‘Graduate Immunity’ phase

Develop tools to support a ramp-up of task allocation and responsibilities that promotes skills development, reduces stress, and enhances a successful transition.

3: Cultivating psychological safety

Explore ways to create psychologically safe work environments with reference to the needs of early career employees as they enter the workforce.

4: Mitigating psychosocial hazards in early career

Provide insights and practical strategies to help mitigate identified psychosocial hazards unique to younger workers.

5: Encouraging supportive pathways

Encouraging graduates to use the multiple layers of support available, and nurture these relationships into early career.

Find out how our Graduate Transition Modules can support your graduates through their careers.