Managing menopause at work can be tricky.

While some people may not feel the impacts of this natural transition, others find it derailing to their lives, careers, and physical and mental health.

Research has shown that menopause symptoms can significantly impact attendance and performance in the workplace.

In Australia in 2017, just under 80% of women aged 45-55 years were in paid employment. However, many talented and knowledgeable women experiencing menopause will leave the workforce due to difficulties.

Further, a recent Australian study found that while 83% of women will experience some effects of menopause on their work, 70% would not feel comfortable talking to their manager about their challenges or needs.

As the number of employed women transitioning through menopause increases, employers must embrace a more open conversation about menopause, and its effect on their employees’ working lives.

In 2022 44% of women experiencing menopause reported impacted ability to work, with 10% leaving work due to menopause symptoms

Menopause and Work Study 2022

Who can participate in Menopause Transition Coaching? 

As menopause is unique and different for everyone, Menopause Transition Coaching is tailored to the individual, wherever you’re at in your journey, albeit in peri-menopause, in menopause or post-menopause.

How It Works 

The Menopause Transition Coaching Program is evidence based, designed and facilitated by workplace psychologists. We tailor five hours of individual coaching around the unique needs of the individual as well as the inclusion of manager sessions as required.

The program provides the tools and resources proven to maximise transition success including the following phases:


  • Complimentary initial chat to ensure coachee/coach alignment.
  • Specialist referrals as necessary.


  • Values Inventory: What drives you as you transition through this change?
  • Transition Assessment: How do you manage change? What is your self-view, situation, supports and strategies to effect change?


  • Reflect, craft and create your future vision through a personalised transition plan with your dedicated coach.
  • Complimentary book of choice.


  • Develop new skills and learnings from your coaching and bring them to life between sessions.
  • Utilise tailored resources and templates to assist you as you transition.


  • Be clear about who you are, what drives you, what you want and how you are going to get there.
  • Combine your learnings and strengthen goals as you embed your vision.

Take advantage of the strengths that come with this life-stage.

Menopause brings valuable strengths to the workplace, including enhanced emotional intelligence, resilience, and adaptability. A newfound wealth of experience, coupled with a refreshed focus on priorities, can help to empower personal and professional growth.

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