About the Transition Guide

We are excited to announce that Transitioning Well have acquired the international licence for the Transition Guide, an evidence-based tool developed by Nancy K. Schlossberg and Stephanie Kay. Spanning over 17 years of use, the Transition Guide has helped thousands of people manage life’s changes and transitions.

We know from research that people all cope differently when responding to transitions, be that anticipated events such as starting a new job, unanticipated events like a health crisis, or ‘non-events’ such as not getting a promotion. Because individuals can respond so differently, even to the same transition, it can be challenging for businesses to know how best to support their people through important life-work changes.

The Transition Guide utilises Schlossberg’s Transition Theory to help individuals unpack 4 key factors which are known to influence ability to cope during change and build their own personal toolkit of strategies to help them navigate the transition well. 

  • Situation: how you see the transition
  • Supports: what help you have from others
  • Self: who you are
  • Strategies: how you cope.​


Research has consistently found that focusing on these four areas significantly increases your likelihood of transition success.

How it works

The Transition Guide is a self-assessment tool designed for businesses to help their people navigate common life-work transitions including:

  • welcoming new graduates
  • supporting expectant or new parents
  • organisational changes (e.g., restructures, mergers, acquisitions)
  • late career and retirement.

Upon completing the self-assessment, employees are provided with a bespoke report that indicates their personal strengths and opportunities for development. To help unpack the report and build on existing workplace support, Transitioning Well offer facilitated group sessions and/or 1:1 coaching to help employees navigate the transition well.