Welcome to Workplace Mental Health Coaching (WMHC) Services

You are participating in Workplace Mental Health Coaching (WMHC) proudly funded by NSW Government and provided by Transitioning Well.

The purpose of these services is to support New South Wales based businesses that have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN), with fewer than 200 employees, and not for profit organisations (of any size) to promote, manage and support mental health at work.

If more than one person from a business registers for the program, their coaching is limited to the previously unused hours, unless otherwise approved by the NSW Government.   

To get the most value from this service, it is important that you feel comfortable with your coach. To preserve your trust and maximise the results of the services, your personal circumstances, health information and other sensitive information shared, will NOT be disclosed to the NSW Government. However, to ensure that this program meets its goals Transitioning Well will provide the NSW Government with reports outlining participation patterns and themes.

The information will not disclose the identity of any individual participant but will be linked to your organisation’s name and demographic data such as the industry that you are in. De-identified client notes may also be provided at the request of the NSW Government. 

This page contains important information about the services provided by Transitioning Well. Please read it carefully and discuss any concerns with your coach. If you choose to continue with this program, you will need to ensure that you are comfortable that Transitioning Well will be reporting to the NSW Government on process and outcomes related to this program.

  1. Services: The services consist of up to four hours of coaching for registered businesses and two hours of coaching for sole traders preparing to recruit, with you and a coach (via phone or videoconference). An additional 30 min session is available for your coach to either meet with your leadership team or help you engage them. These sessions will expire when the program closes on 30 September 2025.  
  2. Cancellations: Sessions can be rescheduled with at least 24 hours’ notice. Sessions cancelled or rescheduled outside this time period will be forfeited, that is, the session will be deducted from the four hours of coaching allowed per business. Three coaching reschedules or no-shows (in under 24 hours) are permitted before your business is withdrawn from the program. Cancellations, no-shows and reschedules due to illness or emergencies will not be deducted from the four coaching hours or count towards the limit for withdrawal from the program.  
  3. Contact Between Sessions: Your coach is available to return calls within a 24-hour turnaround on business days (unless unavailable due to holidays/personal leave). If you are facing an emergency, please contact 000 to get access to appropriate support.  
  4. Program Exit: Program access concludes when you have completed your allocated coaching hours, failed to attend three sessions without good reason, on 30 September 2025, or by mutual agreement. 
  5. Feedback: We will seek ongoing feedback and you will be asked to complete a monthly online survey that prompts you to reflect on your experience. Additional program information will be collected as part of the last session. The feedback you provide will be shared with the NSW Government so they may contact you for further feedback about the program.  
  6. Privacy of Professional Records: Coaching notes will be kept by Transitioning Well that document each session. Records are stored securely. Any personal information that you provide to your coach will be collected, used, stored and disclosed strictly in accordance with Transitioning Well’s Privacy Policy. At any stage, you may request to see the information that relates to you (and you can request a change to any personal information stored about you if it is incorrect). All requests for access to information should be lodged with your coach. The NSW Government will receive reports from Transitioning Well which will contain de-identified and anonymous information such as key themes and patterns of participation. They may request to review client notes, as pertaining to program or process outcomes.  
  7. Confidentiality: As a team of psychologists, all Transitioning Well Coaches adhere to the professional code of ethics and standards of practice required by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHRPA). As such, all personal information gathered during provision of coaching will remain confidential (subject to the de-identified reporting above) and secure except when: 
    • Failure to disclose information would place you or another person/s at risk of harm. 
    • There is a legal obligation to disclose information. 
    • It is subpoenaed by a Court of Law. 

Note: In the event of any of these issues arising, Transitioning Well will make every effort to contact you first before taking action. However, in the event of an emergency, Transitioning Well may need to take action without prior notification. 

  1. Storage and security of your personal information: Transitioning Well may hold your personal information in any combination of data storage facilities, cloud computing facilities or paper-based files which may be operated or held by us or by third party service providers under a contractual arrangement. These service providers may provide hosting and/or support services within Australia or overseas. 
  2. Consent: As part of Transitioning Well’s commitment to best-practice, your coach seeks verbal permission to collect, store, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with Transitioning Well’s Privacy Policy. This includes communicating relevant information to Transitioning Well’s program management team in the course of: 
    • supervision or professional development,  
    • quality assurance processes and the evaluation/refinement of the program, and 
    • reporting to the NSW Government. 

Note: Any approval to communicate information to any other person or for any other purpose will be sought on an individual basis. 

  1. Concerns: If you no longer wish to participate in the program, have any concerns with the program or your coach please email coaching@transitioningwell.com.au, and a case manager will be assigned to investigate and address any concerns raised. 

To confirm your willingness to participate in WMHC, please advise your coach that you are aware of the terms of participation and you agree to continue.