We can help support your people to thrive in uncertainty.


We can help support your people to thrive in uncertainty.

Through the continued uncertainty of COVID-19 and the gradual transition back to the workplace, our suite of services assists organisations in supporting their people in practical and meaningful ways. Built from the emerging and ever-changing needs of our clients we offer the following COVID-19 supports:

COVID-19 Wellness Webinar Series

  • If you are looking for a creative way to connect your people and open up important wellbeing conversations, we recommend our 1-hour COVID-19 wellness series delivered by our team of registered psychologists. Having delivered over 300 webinars since the start of COVID we are well placed to support your team.
  • Note: As we return to the workplace, please talk to us about the delivery option that best suits your unique situation, including virtual, face-to-face or a hybrid approach.
    For an updated list of our current topics, click here.

COVID-19 Toolbox Series

  • If you are looking to build practical wellbeing skills for your people, we recommend our 1-hour practitioner led COVID-19 Toolbox Series facilitated by one of our registered psychologists. Built from the science of wellbeing, this series unpacks the Seven Foundational Tools of Transition.
  • For a complete list of the Toolbox series click here.

COVID-19 Wellness Transition Coaching

  • As a follow-up to the Wellness/Toolbox Series or as a standalone service, our transition coaching provides a more personalised option that supports sustainable and tailored wellbeing for both team members and leaders.
  • For more information about our team member or leadership coaching programs, click here

    COVID-19 related services can be offered as a ‘one-off’ or packaged up to best fit with your organisations needs and budget at this time.


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