Evidence based tools

Robust and evidence based tools to boost productivity and encourage work-life wellbeing for leaders and teams.

Evidence based tools

Robust and evidence-based tools to boost productivity and encourage work-life wellbeing for leaders and teams.

  • Return to work after extended leave due to mental or physical illness.
  • Loss of a loved one.
  • Pregnancy loss.
  • Separation and divorce.
  • Significant change of role within the workplace.
  • Issues around identity and sexual orientation.
  • Changes to a role as a result of illness or carer responsibilities.
  • Redundancy support.

The Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey

Our team of registered psychologists utilise a number of evidence-based tools and research when working with organisations to support their leaders. The Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) has been created by psychologists, is straightforward to use, and the results and business implications are easy to understand and apply.

A valuable tool to assist your leaders to increase their overall levels of wellbeing, the GLWS helps them to better navigate the junction between work and home. Leaders who are supported have better mental health outcomes, and are more able to effectively navigate their roles and responsibilities within their work and personal lives. The tool can also be applied at the team level to help People Leaders build and maintain a positive wellbeing culture that enables their people to thrive and perform.

Offering significant ROI opportunities, the GLWS is an effective tool which provides measurable results, an increase in mental health and performance levels at the individual and team level, and increased staff retention within the business.

The Transitioning Guide

The Transition Guide developed by transition experts Nancy Schlossberg and Stephanie Kay, provides an action-oriented approach to navigating transitions. Used by our team of consultants, the completed report identifies a client’s unique strengths and opportunities and helps them to develop practical and sustainable strategies to navigate change.

Organisations who support their people through periods of transition and who provide appropriate tailored support, recognise that this form of care can create improved mental health outcomes for the individual, and better outcomes for business, with higher levels of talent attraction and retention.

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